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This carrd is made to educate people on who June Egbert is and how she came to be.

This is information copy pasted from this reddit thread.

I have made some edits to the information though due to some recent events and some inaccuracies, so if this seems familiar, thats why!

Who is June Egbert?

June Egbert is an interpretation of J. Egbert as transfem, which was an extremely popular and pervasive headcanon in the Homestuck fandom before being declared canon.

June's name came from this pesterlog

What do you mean by "declared canon" ?

For his 40th birthday, Andrew Hussie hid a box of signed Toblerones near the legendary Toblerone Cave of Point Lobos, San Francisco. The first person to find one, when jokingly asked what they'd do as the "new Homestuck author", responded that they'd declare June Egbert to be real, invoking Hussie in the tweet.

Shockingly, Hussie made an incredibly rare social media appearance and responded "you were the first to find my treasure, and so it will be done". This canonization and endorsement of the transfem June headcanon is what got all the attention, leading to word to get out around the fandom.

Oh great, another "Dumbledore was always gay"

No, Andrew Hussie did not just canonize the headcanon because someone found a box of Toblerones. Before any of this happened, there was evidence that Hussie liked the idea of transfem June, to the point that, according to Aysha Farah (at 32:42 of this episode of the Perfectly Generic Podcast), "The only headcanon I've ever seen Andrew get excited about is (transfem) June Egbert." It's clear he's a fan and just took the opportunity of someone "declaring June real" to nod his approval and confirm her transfem identity as canon.

Hussie has declared some disgusting things as canon you know.

I know, but those were influnced by him being an awful person. Plus, he didn't bring up the idea of her being transfem, the fandom did. A fan declared it canon and he confirmed it, thus making his decision an influence from the fandom. This is not another one of his disgusting canons, this is actual canonization of a transfem headcanon the fandom created.

How does this impact the original Homestuck and the future of Homestuck?

The original Homestuck will remain untouched, but Homestuck 2 will include June Egberts transition.

Homestuck 2 isn't canon though, so her transition is dubiously canon.

No, it isn't. Homestuck 2 is dubiously canon but her transition is canon. Her transition was declared canon by the fandom and confirmed by Hussie. If Homestuck 2 and the epilogues were never released, she would still be canonically transfem, she would just never get a canon story or design.


She is canonically transfem, why would you headcanon a canon transfem as a transmasc? It's extremely disrespectful, even if she's "just a fictional character."

Anything, as long as she's transfem!

As long as June is transfem and the headcanon doens't erase this, she can be headcanoned as lots of things!!

Examples include: binary transfem, transfem non-binary, transfem agender, transfem xenogender, etc!!

You can have fun with your headcanons while not erasing her transfem identity.

A lot of people project onto their kins/comfort characters without erasing their canon identities.

I understand being upset if you find out you can't project onto a character anymore, especially if you have a connection to them, but ignoring canon transfem representation is extremely disrespectful and transmisogynistic to the character and transfems in general.


I can't stop you, but please try to understand how many transfems and many others will find erasing a canon transfem identitiy very offensive and transmisogynistic.

This carrd is meant to educate and possibly change minds, but if it doesn't, there's nothing I can do.

Please do some self reflection and realize why you persist on headcanoning a transfem as tme.


There is no alternate universe where she isn't trans. June Egbert being a transfem is a universal canon and constant. The alternate universe excuse is transphobic itself because it implies that being trans is a choice, which it isn't.

Even calling pre transition her her deadname is transphobic, they aren't separate people. The only person who can call them separate people is June herself, and we have yet to see that be canon.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this! i hope this helped educate you a bit more on who June Egbert is :)


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